Footy Pups - Netflix

Rachel Yankey is joined by five animated Footy Pups to encourage a new generation of sports stars.

Footy Pups - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-25

Footy Pups - Shelley Longworth - Netflix

Shelley Nicola Longworth (born 22 March 1976) is an English comedy actress and voice over artist. She is best known for playing the role of Sam Wood in Benidorm, from 2011 to 2012 and from 2017.

Footy Pups - Career - Netflix

In 2011, she joined the cast of Benidorm for the fourth series playing loud-mouthed, Sam Wood. She returned for the fifth series in 2012 and then departed from the show. In 2016, it was confirmed that Longworth would reprise her role as Sam for the upcoming ninth series, the first episode of which aired on 1st March 2017. She has appeared in the comedy sketch shows Tittybangbang on BBC Three and Angelo's on Five, voiced characters in the children's show Fimbles, and starred in her own comedy series with her brother Adam Longworth, It's Adam and Shelley, which was broadcast on BBC Three in 2007. She played Ms Wall in Bad Girls in 1999, featuring in two episodes.

Footy Pups - References - Netflix